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Our Board Members

Our Board Members

Dr. Pravas Ranjan Mishra:

Dr. Pravas Ranjan Mishra is a passionate scholar with a Ph.D. in Economics, bringing a wealth of knowledge and insight to the field of social research and development. With an impressive 17 years of experience, Dr. Mishra has emerged as a known scholar in the realm of economic analysis and social development. He has authored numerous columns and articles that delve into the intricacies of state and national budgets and their implications on various sectors. His expertise and analytical skills make him a sought-after resource in the realms of policy formulation and strategic planning, further solidifying his role as a key influencer in the economic landscape. Dr. Mishra continues to make invaluable contributions to the intersection of economics, social research, and development, leaving an enduring impact on the discourse surrounding economic issues within the state.

Mr. Santosh Kumar Padhy : President

A Post-graduate with an M. Phil. in English, Mr. Santosh Kumar Padhy is a 53-year-old senior development professional having more than 21 years of experience in organization development, grant management, monitoring and evaluation, knowledge management, donor compliance and field programme implementation with specialization in sustainable livelihood and participatory governance. Santosh brings in rich expertise in the administration of various social accountability tools and processes like participatory planning, budgeting, and monitoring; preparing citizen report cards and community score cards; and undertaking impact assessments. Starting his career with a leading international book publishing house like the Longman group, Santosh has served various national and international development organizations including ActionAid International, Dan Church Aid, Practical Action, CYSD, Siksha Sandhan, and SOUL in various leadership positions.

Mr. Prafulla Kumar Behera : Executive Director

Prafulla Kumar Behera is a seasoned social development professional boasting 18 years of hands-on experience collaborating with grassroots and research organizations. With a Master's degree in Social Science, he possesses expertise across various thematic areas and excels in conducting physical inspections of diverse government schemes. His extensive background involves conducting and managing social research studies, evaluations, assessments in collaboration with national and international agencies, including KPMG India, NCAER, IIPH, Help Age India, Welthungerhelf, ICRA Analytics Ltd, Athena Infonomics Pvt. Ltd, etc. In addition to his broad research portfolio, he holds specialized knowledge in Social Impact Assessment for land acquisition in development projects. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director, leading and managing the operations of KARTABYA.

Ms. Uppali Mohanty :
Joint Secretary

A seasoned professional with a distinguished career in the field of social work, holding a master's degree in Social Work. With an impressive 15 years of experience, She has become a recognized expert in the social development sector and gender budgeting. Her passion for creating positive change in communities has driven him to contribute significantly to various projects aimed at addressing social issues and promoting gender equality. Her expertise lies in developing and implementing strategies that not only empower marginalized groups but also ensure that resources are allocated efficiently through a gender-sensitive lens. His commitment to fostering inclusive and sustainable development has earned him a reputation as a leader in the social work domain. She continues to be a driving force in shaping policies and initiatives that promote social justice and gender equity.

Ms. Ranjana Das : Member

A Hubert Humphrey Fulbright Fellow with Cornell University, New York, Ms Ranjana has over 20 years of experience in the development sector of India. In the course of her association with various national and international organizations like Oxfam, Care India, and Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), she has worked extensively on informal workers’ rights and entitlements, commodity supply chain, gender and livelihood, maternal and child health, and social exclusion issues. Ms. Ranjana has extensively worked with Muslim women and women fish workers in the past helping them enhance their participation value and supply chain management. She also has expertise in Strategic partnerships and coalitions for policy advocacy. A gender analyst by training She has conducted gender audits for a number of organizations. She also has rich expertise in managing programs in alignment with organizational strategy and collaborates with like-minded organisations, government agencies and private entities.

Mr. Indramani Das : Member

Indramani Das is a dedicated individual who has devoted two decades of his life to voluntary work, embodying the spirit of altruism and community service. His commitment to making a positive impact on society has been unwavering throughout the years. His extensive involvement in voluntary work has allowed him to contribute significantly to various causes, from community development to humanitarian aid. His passion for helping others and fostering a sense of unity has been a driving force behind his long-standing commitment to volunteerism.

Ms. Sasmita Mishra : Member

Sasmita Mishra, a resident of Kalahandi district, is the epitome of dedication and community service. While officially a housewife, Herworks for the development of rural and tribal women in her community. Her voluntary efforts over the years have left an indelible mark on the lives of those she serves. She passionately engages in various initiatives aimed at empowering women, particularly in rural and tribal areas, fostering their socio-economic growth and self-reliance.