Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
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Our Approach

KARTABYA adopts a triadic approach encompassing a multifaceted strategy that underscores its commitment to comprehensive and impactful initiatives. Firstly, KARTABYA places a significant emphasis on "Learning from the Ground," recognizing the invaluable insights and contextual understanding gained directly from the communities it serves. This involves engaging with local stakeholders, understanding their needs, and tailoring programs to address specific challenges. Through this grassroots approach, KARTABYA aims to ensure that its interventions are not only relevant but also sustainable, rooted in the realities and aspirations of the communities.

Thematic focus

The second pillar of the triadic approach involves "Networking and Technical Support to Other Organizations." In recognizing the interconnectedness of social issues, KARTABYA actively collaborates with other entities in the sector. By fostering partnerships and sharing technical expertise, we contribute to a collective effort towards positive social change. This collaborative network enables the NGO to leverage shared resources, knowledge, and experiences, creating a ripple effect that extends the impact of its initiatives beyond individual projects.

The third dimension of the approach is "Social Research and Public Policy Analysis." KARTABYA acknowledges the importance of informed decision-making at both the micro and macro levels. Engaging in rigorous social research allows the organization to identify systemic issues, analyze trends, and propose evidence-based solutions. By actively participating in public policy discourse, the NGO aims to influence systemic change and advocate for policies that promote social justice and equality. This dimension of the triadic approach positions the organization as a thought leader, contributing valuable insights to the broader societal dialogue.

In essence, the triadic approach reflects a holistic and dynamic strategy, where learning from the ground, networking and technical support, and social research and public policy analysis collectively contribute to KARTABYA’s overarching goal of creating positive and sustainable social impact.